Our Background

Cherrywoodworkers Ltd was started by Alan Richins in the 1970’s. Sadly Alan passed away in May 2011. Since then the business has been continuing to be run by the rest of his family. Here is his background as written by him:

shed I served my apprenticeship in the late 1960’s as a woodcutting machinist in the City of London during which time I spent many days on a drill making pellets, as well as sawing wedges and glue blocks. During the last month of my apprenticeship my old foreman suggested to me that I could make a commercial living from pellets after all the time I had spent making them!

Shortly afterwards luck smiled on me as I found a machine (originally built for the Sheffield tool handle industry) which was suitable to make pellets and also had the opportunity to rent a unit in a local builders yard, then was just a matter of putting in the hours.

I must thank my many friends in the timber trade for their help and faith in me during those early years of cross grain pellet turning.

Alan F. Richins

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